Strategic Planning & Organizational Development

With experience working as an employee and board member in the non-profit sector for over ten years, my responsibilities have ranged from managing budgets to executing tactical plans. I have participated in and led a variety of strategic planning processes for both non-profit and for-profit organizations on local, state and national scales. My activities include but are not limited to:

  • Developing Logic Models
  • Creating Vision and Mission Statements
  • Facilitating Strategic Planning
  • Grant Writing & Reporting
  • Budget Oversight & Fiscal Management
  • Drafting & Executing Tactical Plans (with clearly articulated and measurable goals & objectives)
  • Developing, Instituting, and Measuring Evaluation and Assessment Tools
  • Board Development

Team Building & Meeting Facilitation

Holding a master’s degree in sports psychology has improved my ability to effectively plan, coordinate and deliver a variety of team building initiatives from staff to project management. Incorporating aspects of play, challenge and obtainable goals have fostered successful collaborative ventures. I have experience serving as chair of multiple task forces where I have either jointly or independently facilitated meetings and sub-committee meetings. I have also participated in a leadership role with the following types of meeting facilitation:


While I certainly hold steadfast to the belief that real change comes from the bottom up, advocating for top down reform is a valuable vehicle to complimentarily move change forward. As an educator, I understand how to make learning relevant whether it is targeted to teachers or state legislators. As citizens, we all have a commitment to voicing our opinions and our ideas while keeping our minds open to finding common ground. My experience advocating for the No Oregon Child Left Inside Act and involvement in national advocacy efforts on related initiatives have taught me the power of using my voice to foster change both strategically and successfully.

Coalition Building

Bringing people together around a common cause is a critical factor for change. This is often challenged by polarization of options on sensitive and significant issues. My approach to building coalitions of support is in finding common ground and mutually beneficial solutions. Open communication and a commitment to fostering understanding and the acceptance of competing ideas is a critical component. I have been successful in bridging gaps between historically divided communities and remain committed to this charge across a broadening diversity of sectors.

Educational Program Development

From developing outdoor adventure camp programs for youth to developing state environmental literacy plans, my experience with educational program development has been as dynamic as the audience it has served. Please refer to following website pages to learn more about my educational philosophy and commitment to school reform.

Related Skills, Honors & Experience

*Resume and references available on request

Photo: From Decline to Rebirth (http://declinetorebirth.org/)


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